Acreage & Production:

Black Bean Acreage and Production in North Dakota:

In 2015, North Dakota farmers harvested 135,800 acres of black beans, which produced 1.643 million cwt., according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.  That year, North Dakota Farmers harvested 360,000 acres of Pintos, which produced 4.932 million cwt., the statistics service states.

Total edible bean production for North Dakota in 2015 was 8.9 million cwt.

The agronomic qualities of black beans, which include varieties for northern growth, thier resistance to white mold and the fact that they grow upright and can be direct-harvested makes them an attractive alternative for farmers.  Planting black beans, along with pinto beans helps farmers spread out their risk.

The primary export market for Black Beans is Mexico.  The United States also exports Black Beans to the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Venezuela, and Brazil. 

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