Dry Bean Varieties Recommended by Central Valley Bean Cooperative
Pinto Bean Varieties ** Currently all Pintos are suseptable to the current rust strain.
Variety Estimated Maturity Plant Structure
LaPaz 101 Upright, medium-narrow profile, pods high, able to direct harvest, good seed color, BCMV and rust resistance.
O6185 100 Upright, narrow profile.  Excelent for direct harvest.  Good seed size
Sinaloa(06203) 100 Upright, narrow profile. Suitable for direct harvest.  Matures earler than LaPaz 1-3 days.
Lariat 103 Upright, later maturity than Lapaz.  Has shown some good yield characteristics.  Has a tendency to bush out more than other uprights, keeping the rows closer is the best.  BCMV and rust resistance.
99195(Galena) 105 Medium to wide profile.  Arches but hold pods off the ground.  Good yielder, full season variety.  BCMV and rust resistance.
Maverick 98 Nice seed color, arches and tends to break over, uniform dry down, rust resistance.
Windbreaker 98 Plant structure similar to Maverick and Buster.  Fairly uniform dry down.  Seed color a little better than Buster, still degrades with the weather like a buster.  BCMV and rust resistance.
Navy Bean Varieties  
Medalist 102 Upright, medium profile variety.  Seed size similar to Norstar, holds pods high, can be direct harvested.  Full season variety, excellent yielder.  BCMV resistance.  Tested under 01054 
Vigilant(02084) 98 Upright narrow profile, direct harvest.
T9905 99 Upright short vine, high yield that can be direct harvested.  
Norstar 96 Not as upright as when first introduced, drifted to more of a broader profile.
Ensign 100 Consistent good yielder, plant tends to fall over in high soil moisture conditions.  
Black Bean Varieties  
Eclipse 99 Upright, early maturity, good dry down.
Loreto 104 Upright broad, excelent seed size & quality
O6252 103 Upright broad/compact excelent yield.


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